Blasphemy law in Pakistan: petition presented to Pakistan High Commission
Blasphemy law in Pakistan: petition presented to Pakistan High Commission

The online petition to change the blasphemy legislation in Pakistan, of which NIFCON (the Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns) was one of the sponsors, was presented to the Pakistan High Commissioner in London on Tuesday 8th September. The petition followed a recent statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury, condemning attacks on Christians in Pakistan.

The Rt Revd Michael Jackson, Chair of NIFCON's Management Group, and Dr Musharraf Hussain, Chair of the Christian Muslim Forum of England jointly presented the petition to High Commissioner Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan. Minister Mohammed Nafees Zakaria was also present.

The petition states "The attacks on Christians, and on occasions also on Muslims, facilitated as they are by the law on blasphemy, are very damaging to the reputation of Pakistan and indeed to the reputation of Muslims which we wish to see restored."

It has currently been signed by over 2000 people, both Christian and Muslim, from twenty countries around the world including Pakistan. More than twenty Anglican bishops have added their names in support of the petition.

In handing over the petition Bishop Michael Jackson spoke of the importance of Anglicans around the world showing solidarity with integrity with fellow-Christians in Pakistan. Dr Musharraf Hssain invited the High Commissioner to participate in a meeting of the Christian Muslim Forum.

Date: 18th September 09