Clones dedications
North Wall reinstated at Clones Parish Church

St Tighernach’s Day, Saturday the 4th of April, was celebrated in style in Clones, as parishioners and members of the local community came together for a festive service of dedication and rededication in Clones Parish Church. It was a significant day in the life of the parish as the Churchyard and exterior of the Church are now accessible again, which had not been possible for almost ten years due to the collapse of the north boundary wall. The wall on the north side of the church collapsed in June 1999, and at the end of a long legal process, the wall is now reinstated and looks magnificent! The service was well-attended and the address was given by the Bishop of Clogher, the Rt Revd Dr Michael Jackson. As the parish now begin fundraising for the future, the parish have launched St Tighernach’s restoration appeal. In the weeks leading up to St Tighernach’s Day, the parish had commissioned TKB Southgate and Mr Derek Cassidy to undertake a Conservation Management Plan for the church. This report, funded by the Heritage Council, has now been received and will form the base for future restoration work of St Tighernach’s Church.

The Rector and the Select Vestry of Clones Parish wish to acknowledge all those who in countless ways have contributed to the process of reinstating the boundary wall. In this regard they would like to mention the Diocese of Clogher, the Representative Church Body, the main contractor Padraig McQuiad and all those in co-operation with him, Fitzpatrick Consulting, and the Church’s neighbours on the Diamond at Clones. Without their support, the parish would not have been able to celebrate!

The other gifts dedicated at the service, which the express its gratitude for, were:
The Notice Board, in memory of Herby, donated by the Leach family;
The Vestry Doors, in memory of Heather and George Johnston, donated by their family, Peter and Wendy;
The Handrail (outside) Donation in lieu of flowers at the late Willie Pringle's and Alec Bailey's funerals, and in memory of William McQuaid. Donated by the Gauley family.
The Clock (in the tower). Thanks and appreciation for the refurbishment of the clock through donations from the late Mrs Anderson (nee Hayes), Clones Credit Union and Monaghan County Council.

Revd Helene Steed, Rector of Clones along with Bishop Jackson.

Date: 16th April 09