In The Beginning Was The Word

John 1:1


The fourth Gospel presents a strikingly different picture of Jesus from that of the other three Gospels. The formative issue for the Gospel of John seems to have been the question: Who is Jesus? And indeed, the Gospel does provide answers to this fundamental and essential question. St John, in his beautiful and poetic language, offers the reader many opportunities to discover Jesus for himself or herself.   


Wednesday the 4th of March

‘What is so special with St John’s Gospel?’

Bishop Richard Clarke, Meath and Kildare introduces the Gospel and gives us an overview.


Wednesday the 11th of March

‘The Prologue’

The Gospel of John, unlike the other Gospels, begins not in story, but in song. This evening we explore this hymn about how the word of God became flesh.

Revd Robert Kingston, Carrickmacross.


Wednesday the 18th of March

‘I am who I am’

Revd Canon Trevor Gillian, Aghalurcher (Colebrooke), reflects on Jesus’

‘I am’-sayings. 


Wednesday the 25th of March

The women in St John’s Gospel’

Revd Helene T. Steed, Clones, highlights the significance of women in Jesus’ ministry.


Wednesday the 1st of April

‘The men in St John’s Gospel.’

Revd Troy Morgan, Clones Presbyterian Church, on how men are portrayed in the fourth Gospel.


The talks, followed by light refreshments and questions are held in the Cassandra Hand Centre, Clones at 8.00p.m. on Wednesdays in Lent.


All very welcome!


There will be a retiring collection after each session to cover costs.

For more information, please contact Revd Helene T. Steed, tel: 00353 - (0)47 - 56962