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New Clontibret National School Opens its doors

On 18th February classes began in the new Clontibret N.S. at Aughnameal, situated on the Ballybay Road from Clontibret village. The new building has replaced a school building which served the local parish community at Clontibret for over 180 years! The school is under the Church of Ireland patronage of the Bishop of Clogher and the Chairperson of the Board of Management is Canon Jonathan Heyhoe. The present class teachers are Mrs Julie Crawford (Principal) and Mrs Joy Gilmour.

Canon Jonathan Heyhoe told us that:
o There had been a school in Gallagh, Clontibret, since the 1700’s.
In the 1820’s the last building was erected in Gallagh. The school cost £120 to build while other schools in the area cost only £2. These were thatched one-roomed buildings while Clontibret N.S. had thick stone walls and a slate roof.
The school was a two-storey school and the teacher lived downstairs.
In 1872 the school became a National School: 56 boys and 63 girls were attending the school that year! 600 boys and 550 girls have attended the school since 1872.
For the past 27 years there have been more boys than girls in the school.
Since 1950 there has been an average of about 20 pupils in the school attending the school every year.
In 1982 there were 30 pupils and in 1991 there were only 10 pupils.
Mrs Jean Garland taught in the school from 1958 to 1993. Ms. Olga Neill (now Mrs McNulty) taught from 1993 to 2002. Mrs Helen Forster taught from 1998 to 2006. Mrs Julie Crawford was appointed Principal Teacher in 2003.

Former Principal Mrs Olga McNulty, former Acting Principal Mrs Helen Forster, present Principal Mrs Julie Crawford, and former Principal Mrs Jean Garland

In 1998 the school became a two teacher school.

A special walk was held on Saturday 23rd February as a thanksgiving for over 180 years of education in the old school at Gallagh and to mark the beginning of the new school at Aughnameal. This was attended by many past, present and future pupils!

Pipers leading the School Walk

Arriving at the new school

Hard at work in the Senior Class Room

Senior Room

Junior Room


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Date: 10 Mar 08